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Liziqi Snail Vermicelli Rice Noodles 335g

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BBD: 14/10/2021

Liziqi Said Her Inspiration Comes From:

Snail rice noodle, also called Luosifen, is a famous Chinese noodle dish and a speciality of the city of Liuzhou, in Guangxi, southern China. For Chinese noodles, the soup is the soul.
As for this dish, it costs eight hours to make the basis of the soup which is made from river snails and pork bones, black cardamom, fennel seed, dried tangerine peel, cassia bark, cloves, white pepper, bay leaf, licorice root, sand ginger, and star anise.
Besides, each topping ingredient is also in good quality. Sour bamboo shoots is selected from a large and sweet big bamboo shoots. They are added with mountain spring water and soaked in the old altar. Sweet and fragrant, sour and crisp.

Liziqi Snail Vermicelli Rice Noodles has less spicy and relatively weak smelly than other brand, and the noodles are slight softer. Liziqi Snail Vermicelli Rice Noodles especially suitable for people who want to try snail noodles but are worried about the smell.

Authentic Liziqi Food and more.

How to use

Prepared in Pot:
1. Add cold water to the pot, put in the noodles and cook over high heat for 8-10 minutes. After the noodles are cooked, drain the water from the pot. (You can add two drops of vinegar so that the noodles will be very poppy.)
2. Put the soup into the noodles, add 400ml cold water and cook for 1 minute.
3. At last, pour into a bowl and add other topping ingredients. Stir the ingredients with the noodles and you can add lettuce according to your taste.

1. Put the noodles in a large bowl, pour boiling water into the bowl, the water should cover the rice noodle and you can add lettuce according to your taste.
2. 7-8 minutes in high heat (900w).
3. Stir the ingredients with the noodles evenly before use.

Item Detail


Per 100g (prepared):
• Energy: 1227kJ/293kcal
• Fat: 16g
(of which Saturates: 5.8g)
• Carbohydrate: 30g
(of which Sugars: 2.1g)
• Protein: 7.5g
• Salt: 3.9g

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