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Liziqi Tomato Hot Pot Soup Base 230g

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Liziqi said she always wanted to make a rich and thick tomato flavour hot pot soup base, but it is difficult to adjust the sweetness and sourness that everyone can accept. She tried several kinds of tomatoes, and they were either sour or sweet. At that time, she just harvested yellow peas, so she put it in for a try. The result is unexpected! The combination was amazing, with a smooth texture, just sweet and sour. If you are tired of spicy flavour hot pot soup base, you can try this tomato flavour hot pot soup base. By the way, remember that you must have a bowl of soup before you start.

Why choose Liziqi Tomato Flavour Hot Pot Soup Base? Fresh and not greasy, suitable for every ages.

Liziqi Tomato Flavour Hot Pot Soup Base can also used to make the following dishes:
1. Tomato Scrambled Egg Noodles
2. Fish in tomato sauce
3. Beef brisket with tomato
4. Prawns in tomato sauce
5. Beef brisket with Tomato and Enoki Mushroom
6. Tomato with Potatoes

Authentic Liziqi Food and more.

How to use

1. Pour of contents into Hot Pot Pan.

2. According to your taste, add some fresh tomato slice, ginger slice and around 900ml water into Hot Pot Pan.

3. Add any food you want after the soup is boiling, please ensure all additions are thoroughly cooked before serving. Suitable for 2-3 people.

Item Detail


Per 100g (prepared):
• Energy: 1403kJ/335kcal
• Fat: 23g
(of which Saturates: )
• Carbohydrate: 25g
(of which Sugars: )
• Protein: 6.2g
• Salt: 1.44g