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Yamamoto Tonkotsu Flavour Ramen Noodle (2 Servings) 220g

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A classic serving of juicy pork tonkotsu flavour instant ramen noodles.

Home to the best variety of hearty instant ramen noodles flavours, Demae Iccho offers the succulent flavour and depth of Kyushu's famous tonkotsu pork bone broth in this pork flavour ramen. Served with a soy sauce and soya protein stock that is thickened by milk, peanuts and sesame, this ramen's soup is wonderfully creamy and thoroughly seasoned with flavour, from garlic and ginger to the included oil sachet that give this dish its juicy saltiness. Easy to prepare this instant ramen noodles with just boiling water and a pick of your favourite meat and vegetable garnishes.

How to use

1. In a pan bring 500ml of water to the boil and add the ramen noodles. Boil for approx. 2.5 mins.

2. Turn off the hob and add the soup. Mix well.

3. Transfer to a bowl and garnish with your favourite toppings such as pork, hard boiled egg and seaweed.

Item Detail


Per 100g (prepared):
• Energy: 1562.4kJ/372kcal
• Fat: 13.7g
(of which Saturates: 0.4g)
• Carbohydrate: 55.6g
(of which Sugars: n/a)
• Protein: 7.4g
• Salt: 3.8g

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