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The Alley Lujiaoxiang Milk Tea Peach Flavour 120g

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An instant yellow peach fruit flavoured milk tea with sweet red bean topping that is totally reminiscent of the bubble tea varieties. This is an instant milk tea by the Hong Kong-based 'The Alley'- LuJiaoXiang brand. This instant yellow peach fruit flavoured milk tea drink comes in a 120g glass-shaped container. The boba (the pearls or bubbles) in the drink is made up of red beans. The ingredients are available in different sachets. This red bean milk tea drink packet contains a milk powder sachet, a brown sugar syrup bag and a sweet red beans bag. The drink can be prepared by extracting the tea bag in hot water, sweetening it with brown sugar syrup, and sprinkling with beanballs.

Have you ever thought of trying to make a cup of milk tea that you often drink? The fragrant silky mellow taste, the bitterness of tea, freshness of yellow peach and the sweetness of milk bloom wonderfully in the mouth.

The Alley LuJiaoXiang | It's time for tea! The Alley LuJiaoXiang’s drinks create wonderful stories for your lives. Replay your good memories now!

How to use

1. Open lid, put all sachets into the cup and pour 450ml boiling water (over 85°C) or warm water.

2. Stir well or cover the lid shake well and serve.

Item Detail


Per 100g (prepared):
• Energy: 1326kJ/316.9kcal
• Fat: 8g
(of which Saturates: 0g)
• Carbohydrate: 58.3g
(of which Sugars: )
• Protein: 2.3g
• Salt: 0.365g

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