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    Huang Long Fern Root Noodles 200g


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    Fern root noodles (also called fern root vermicelli, Chinese name is 蕨根粉 Jue Gen Fen) are made of fern root powder. The fern root powder is a starch extracted from the rhizome of wild ferns that fern root goes through the process of washing, comminution, filtration, solarization. Most Chinese people would like to post this recipe on the internet because it is very easy to work for most people.

    Fern root is a natural wild plant with the same function as medicine and food. It can be used as medicine and edible. It is rich in iron, zinc, selenium, and other trace elements, vitamins, and a variety of essential amino acids. Its VC content is as high as 28.6 mg per 100 grams. Compendium of Materia Medica contains that fern root dispels heat, detoxifies, diuresis the urethra, sleeps, and supplements five internal organs.