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    Wei Long Big La Tiao Hot & Spicy Gluten Strips 400g

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    Big La Tiao Hot & Spicy Gluten Strips is Vegan, the opposite of gluten-free. Latiao (“辣条”) is a popular spicy snack  among Chinese young people, especially students. Most Chinese in their twenties and thirties have fond memories of eating latiao, which is a snack made from wheat sticks or shreds that include spicy oil and chili flakes. Perfect with beer.

    This is a family big size, perfect for home party. Gluten is also called seitan, taste like really meat. This is cooked, ready-to-eat gluten that has been marinated in tamari and spices. Ready-to-eat gluten (seitan) is available in the refrigerator case in most health food stores. It usually comes in a plastic container similar to tofu. Some health food stores carry seitan in bottles on the shelf. In Oriental stores, ready-to-eat gluten (seitan) is available in cans. It is usually half to one-third the price of seitan in the health food store. Names on cans in these stores may include mock duck, Mun Chai Ya, or Chai Pow Yu (mock abalone). Gluten is sometimes also called wheat meat. The packaged or canned items can be quickly warmed up and then served with bread, rice, or pasta. For a super fast meal, while warming up the gluten, add some frozen peas and corn.


    Wheat flour (93%), water, palmoil, salt, sugar, spices, flavour enhancers: E621, E635, stablizers: E471, E472, E473, sweetners: E951, E952, E955, acidity regulator: E331, sequestrant: E575, perservative: E200, anti-oxidant: E319, flavour.