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HiteJinro Chamisul Grapefruit Soju 360ml


Also known as Korean vodka, it has a very smooth taste. It's a clear distilled liquor made from rice and the most popular type of alcoholic drink in Korea.

Fresh grapefruit meets morning dew for the best flavour
Fruit juice in soju is becoming more popular, and Jinro Grapefruit has fresh flavour and taste that everyone can enjoy, thanks to a perfect blend of grapefruit and soju.

What is Jinro Chamisul?
It is the world's No.1 selling spirits brand. Jinro Chamisul uses bamboo charcoal filtration to produce the cleanest tasting soju with less hangover.

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Content: Water, Rice, Tapioca, Grapefruit Concentrate
ABV: 13%
Origin: Korean

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