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3:15PM Brown Sugar Ginger Tea 5 Sachets 75g


This delicious 3:15PM Ginger Tea drink made from Taiwanese mature ginger as main ingredient mixed with brown sugar. We follow the traditional way to preserve the ingredients’ original & mild texture of ginger tea.

Whether you want to warm up your body or try to feel better from the common cold, this ancient Chinese mom-style remedy will be the best drink to have. 3:15PM Brown Sugar Ginger Tea made with pure ginger powder and blended with natural brown sugar, this is the perfect drink for a cold winter day. Great if served cold too.

How to use

Cold Preparation:
1. Poor hot water into 1/3 of the container.
2. Leave the drink bag in it: sleeping the drink bag for 3-5 minutes then add some ice cubes to serve the drink.
3. Enjoy the Iced Brown Sugar Ginger Tea!

Hot Preparation:
1. Poor 200c.c boiling water into a cup.
2. Leave the drink bag for 3 minutes.
3. Enjoy the Hot Brown Sugar Ginger Tea!

Item Detail


Per 100g (prepared):
• Energy: 1612kJ/385kcal
• Fat: 1g
(of which Saturates: 1g)
• Carbohydrate: 93g
(of which Sugars: 93g)
• Protein: 1g
• Sodium: 66mg

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