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    All-in-One Hot Pot Essential Box

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    What's in the box?
    The Hotpot Essential Food Box will feature a collection of protein, veg and fruit favourites- meaning a family can easily enjoy a typical Asian Style Hot Pot more easily without consider too many.

    A typical YEPSS Hotpot Essential Food Box will contain:
    1 x DeZhuang Porcini Mushroom Hotpot Seasoning 150g
    1 x DeZhuang Spicy Hotpot Seasoning 36° 220g
    4 x Chuanlaohui Dipping Oil for Hotpot 70ml
    1 x Haidilao Hotpot Dipping Sauce Pot Delicious Flavour 140g
    1 x Haidilao Hotpot Dipping Sauce Pot Hot & Spicy Flavour 140g
    1 x Kung Fu Frozen Beef Slices 400g
    1 x Kung Fu Frozen Lamb Slices 400g
    1 x First Choice Frozen Fish Ball 200g
    1 x Kibun Frozen Imitation Crab Stick 250g
    1 x Oriental Kitchen Frozen Beef Meatballs With Nerve 250g
    1 x Frozen tofu
    1 x Tofu King Firm Tofu 600g
    1 x Tofu King Deep Fried Tofu 230g
    1 x Honor Soybean Roll 180g
    2 x Yuansen Potato Vermicelli 150g
    1 x King Oyster Mushroom Pack of 2
    1 x Fresh Potato Slices 200g
    1 x Fresh Lotus Root Slices 150g
    1 x Mixed Mushroom 400g
    1 x Chinese Leaf Each
    2 x Pak Choi Pack of 3
    1 x Mandarin Orange Pack of 6
    1 x Fuji Apple Pack of 4
    1 x Snow Pear Pack of 4

    Hot pot in Chinese is called huǒ guō (fire pot) or dǎ biān lú (fight the furnace). It’s a fun and filling way to spend the night eating and chatting.

    Check out more about our Hotpot Selections page.

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    Contents: Proteins, Vegetables, Soybeans Products, Fruits